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5 Tips To Improve Your Confidence With Painting

5 Tips To Improve Your Confidence With Painting

A lot of people have self-doubts. The same is the case when it comes to art and craft, especially painting; People pursuing painting as a hobby, career-skill or leisure time activity are unable to be confident while doing the painting. People who pursue painting face a tough hurdle while doing it.

This hurdle is nothing like the lack of talent, painting techniques, or application of various artistic materials. The actual problem with them is the level of confidence and self-esteem. An amazing talent won’t overpower self-doubt.

Many past events are involved in this self-doubt which halts a person’s ability to move further. People doing painting also incur a lot of problems due to a low level of self-confidence.

Fear of failure and criticism is always popping in their minds which halts their creative and productive abilities. If someone is a beginner in painting and having an issue with self-confidence should try paint by numbers for adults painting kits.

In this article, we will discuss some tips and ideas to boost the confidence of people who have doubts about themselves while painting and fear failure. Here are some tips to overcome this dilemma and carry on with confidence to create amazing art pieces:

Learn to be patient while painting:

Making a painting is not an easy process. It takes a lot of effort, concentration, time, and patience. When you tend to draw something on the canvas, it takes time to make it better. In the beginning, you won’t like your own drawing, once it gets accomplished. You would observe a room for further improvement every time.

Nothing is perfect, there is always room for improvement. At first, you would observe a lot of room for improvement in your drawing, but with the passage of time, you would become good at drawing with sheer practice. All you need to do is to stay calm and patient. Every time you fail to achieve a goal or draw a thing rightly, try to make the next effort with a new zeal to accomplish the task correctly.

No one begins being amazing, everyone has to make efforts to reach a success level.  A considerable amount of time and patience is required. Patience is required to improve existing skills and in the process of acquiring a new set of skills. If you stay patients and adopt a never say die approach, you would observe improvements in your skills. These improvements would boost the level of your self-belief, confidence, and productivity.

Comparison with others is just a waste of time:

You are doing your own work, there is no need to compare it with someone else’s work. If you consistently compare your artwork with others, there is a high probability that you are going to find a flaw or two in your work.

There is no reason for comparing your work with others. It is always going to suppress or decrease your confidence levels. Always remember, you are unique, there is no need to compare your work with others, and you are not them. Just believe in yourself and go on making your paintings with confidence.

The moment, you start comparing your artwork with others, is the moment you will cause disbelief in yourself. You are special in your own way because of a unique set of skills and experiences you have. Don’t push yourself to be like someone else.

Try to be on an art-free week in which you won’t observe art from anyone else. Applying this practice would help you a lot in clearing your mind of negative comparisons, getting rid of useless thoughts, and boosting your confidence level. Comparison is not always a tool for betterment.

Don’t always look for perfection:

We should always be striving for progress instead of perfection. The same is the case in painting. Perfection is not easy to achieve, in fact, nothing is perfect. Nobody achieved success while chasing perfection.

Perfectionism and fear of failure are two sides of a single coin. Both of these things are the biggest enemies of a creative person pursuing something like painting. Perfectionism and fear of failure can be a cause of ruining a creative process even when the person doing it is a seasoned campaigner or an amazingly skilled artist.

Sometimes this idea of being a perfectionist ruins the process of creating an art piece, before its beginning. Sometimes you would stand in front of a blank canvas gazing at it with a lack of ideas to start with. Or sometimes you would be very happy and confident after accomplishing a project but after some days you’d spot multiple flaws in it.

All of this is pretty normal. Success is not letting any negative ideas force you to give up. If you believe in yourself, your confidence will go sky high, automatically.

Giving time to yourself:

Artists are usually a bunch of passionate people. They love everything they do. Being obsessive with their artwork is a normal thing with people who make art. There comes a lot of times when they totally forget to take care of their own selves. They become so passionate about their work that they ignore their physical and mental wellbeing.

Being passionate about your work is good. But excess of everything proves bad. Similarly, while making an art project, ignoring yourself can be a cause of worse consequences. Some people might even go through mental disorders and anxiety problems while being too concentrated on their work.

Not taking care of yourself would not only cause health issues, but it would also affect the creativity and work process. That’s why it is very important to take care of yourself while pursuing an art project.

Never forget the main objective:

Usually, we forget, what was the actual reason for being drawn towards the painting process? Rather it was for being stress-free, expressing emotions and personality, or displaying beauty through your own hands.

It was not for exposing yourself to a pressure situation or further stress. Always keep the main objective behind pursuing painting in your mind, and never let yourself down. Have fun while creating art and enjoy the experience.

We have discussed some fabulous tips to improve your confidence with painting. We hope that these tips would prove useful in your next creative venture.

Live creative, live happily!

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