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6 Tips for Painting on Canvas

6 Tips for Painting on Canvas

Painting is one of the oldest forms of art and craft. It is an enjoyable skill and hobby. It allows you to present various scenes and sights and express your thoughts as well. A painting is meant to mimic the ideology of its creator. It is a good way to highlight the issues of society.

Canvas is an essential element in the painting. You can also demonstrate your artistic inclination with the help of painting on canvas. Painting can be done by people of any age and level easily through the paint by numbers technique. We have picked some tips for you. These tips can be helpful for you in the process of bringing a blank canvas to life with your painting.

These tips are discussed below:

Preparing The Right Canvas:

This is a crucial step in your painting work. You can choose the material of canvas. Canvas is either made up of cotton or linen. Choose the right material canvas according to your comfort. This would be beneficial for you.

Another important thing is the primer like gesso you are going to apply on the canvas before you start painting. The primer seals the fibers of the canvas. The priming of canvas saves your brushes and makes your colors last longer. This also lets you apply the colors on the canvas smoothly.

Setting Up The Inventory:

Before painting, one thing to decide about is the method you will be following to paint on canvas. This also involves the configuration of the canvas, you can either place it on an easel vertically at some angle or on a flat surface.

You should also think about the type of colors you are going to apply to the canvas. You can use acrylic or oil colors for painting. The selection criteria for the type of colors should be your choice and ease of use.

You should practically try both methods before making any decision, this will make your work easier. You should also consider the placement of paint accessories in use. Configuring your workspace beforehand would make your life way easier. 

Choice of Brushes:

Another critical step while painting is the selection of suitable brushes. One brush is not enough for painting. You need to choose brushes with long handles and firm bristles.

These brushes would work better to hold and spread thicker colors across the canvas. Simple watercolor brushes won’t be suitable for painting on canvas.

Color Testing:

You should test the colors before applying them on canvas. This would help you in understanding the actual shade of colors after drying.

Acrylic colors appear slightly darker after drying. Keep this in mind before painting so you don’t end up making a painting with unwanted shades.

Deciding The Mood of Painting With A Background:

In addition to gesso, you should also apply an overall background color across the canvas before starting your work. The background color would set up the mood of your painting.

This would help you in providing a feel of the scene you are going to demonstrate through your painting.

The Use of Underpainting:

Since canvases are used for opaque paintings mostly, which makes them suitable for underpainting. Underpainting means making an outline with a contrasting color. 

This would help you in making a better art piece and give it an awesome finishing touch as well.

We have presented some amazing tips for painting on canvas. These tips would surely help you to create a better piece of art and get deserved praise as well.

Happy painting!

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