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Bigcommerce Made Easy To Start New Ecommerce Site

Bigcommerce Made Easy To Start New Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce is the leading form of business in the modern era. People with brick and mortar businesses are rushing toward ecommerce to flourish. There are many online platforms where you can set up your online store. The problem is with choosing the best platform that satisfies your needs. 

BigCommerce is one of the best online platforms in the ecommerce industry and it’s developing regularly with an ambition to become the best among its competitors. Being used in over 120 countries it is providing many unique and creative features that distinguish it from its competitors. The best property of BigCommerce so far is that it is easy to use. 

We will discuss some of the key features that BigCommerce is using to make easy ecommerce solutions for people who want to start an online business. 

Easy And Flexible Templates:

BigCommerce is offering easy to use and responsive templates that do not require much coding knowledge to transform it according to your desires. Millennials dominate the number of people buying stuff online, they like to shop with their mobiles and tablets instead of computers.

BigCommerce is offering templates that are by-default responsive. With stunning and eye-catching design BigCommerce templates will leave an everlasting impact on the viewer’s mind.


With the advancement of technology and access to the internet, people are selling their products on different channels. It becomes very difficult for people to manage their products and conduct business on different channels.

BigCommerce features a useful channel manager named “Omni-Channel“. It lets you connect and sell your products on different marketplaces. It will import your products into the channels you connect. So you don’t need to add product details manually on each channel. 

It lets you manage your products on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram as well as physical stores like Square, ShopKeep, and Springboard Retail. So, it provides the solution to your omnichannel on a single dashboard.

Multiple Payment Methods:

One of the main reasons people prefer ecommerce is that it provides an effortless shopping experience. This comfort includes the ease of payment. People often abandon their carts because the offered payment doesn’t match their preference. 

BigCommerce is providing a solution to this problem with 40+ integrated payment methods that serve over 100 countries. The platform has native integration with PayPal, Square, Adyen, Stripe, and Klarna and credit card payments. As mobile wallet options, there are payment methods such as Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. You can add these features without the help of any professional BigCommerce developer.

SEO Tools:

If you have a very interactive and gorgeous website but still not generating enough traffic and revenue then maybe people can’t see you. BigCommerce is offering integrated tools for this problem as well. All BigCommerce plans offer a site-wide SSL certificate. 

The built-in SEO tools include Facebook Open Graph, 301 Redirects, Google’s Rich Snippet, and Google AMP. It can build a little more trust on Google’s side. Hence, this provides a hassle-free SEO solution. 

Abandon Cart Email:

If you have an ecommerce business or want to start and have researched about it then you must know the problem of cart abandonment. More than 70% of customers abandon their cart before checking out. 

This can be very frustrating for the e-marketer as he went through a lot of trouble to bring a customer to his store. BigCommerce offers a cart abandonment email system that sends the customer an email every time he exits without buying. Its productivity can be measured from the fact that it has a 15% conversion rate. 

Marketing Tool:

Marketing is one of the most important parts of every business. If you think that you can survive and flourish without proper marketing then you have something else coming your way. It can be a headache for many people. But if you are on BigCommerce you don’t need to worry because BigCommerce is offering a built-in option of marketing in the dashboard. 

You can create banners of your new offers and display them easily with the tools offered by BigCommerce. BigCommerce offers Cart-Level Discount. That means a discount will apply to the shopping cart in real-time to avoid unnecessary complexity. 

BigCommerce Partners:

Although BigCommerce is offering simple and easy-to-use flexible templates with built-in responsive capabilities if people still face problems in setting up their store they are always ready to help and provide assistance. 

BigCommerce is a partner with over 4000+ top-notch website agencies with professional and expert BigCommerce developers. These partner agencies are working on a single agenda to provide the best possible assistance to the customers.

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