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Here’s Why Infusion Pumps are More and More Popular!

Here’s Why Infusion Pumps are More and More Popular!

The work of infusion pumps is vital in medical treatment processes. It delivers and controls the fluids like nutrients and drugs in the veins of the body. Infusion pumps are common medical equipment rentals. They are used in very high volumes in hospitals and medical facilities. It is almost impossible for the hospitals to have infusion pumps in large numbers so they acquire infusion pumps from different vendors on a renting basis and return them when they serve the purpose and are no longer required.

IV (intravenous) therapy is a very common sight nowadays. Infusion pumps like CareFusion Alaris 8100 infusion module are used to deliver and administer the number of fluids in the veins of the patient being treated with IV. These programmed devices also reduce the margin of error to a very low percentage, that’s why health providers ensure the use of these useful medical devices during IV. 

There are different types of infusion pumps. They are mainly classified into two types, the large volume pumps with the capability to feed the patient and the small volume pumps which are usually employed to deliver hormones and drugs in a patient’s body. 

Many pumps are now termed as ‘smart’ devices. These smart infusion pumps require no manual operation and can work on their own. A trained user or operator is still required to serve the purpose of initial programming. 

These infusion pumps have built-in safety features to ensure a safe treatment process and avoid any bad outcome. These safety features can be activated if any issue arises during medical treatment. The comparatively newer models of infusion pumps can ring the alarms when a bad body reaction occurs because of the drug or fluid being pumped or when the infusion rate is set at potentially dangerous levels.

Renting IV infusion pumps is the most reliable option for health providing facilities because of their multiple advantages. These medically useful pumps are around since the late 1960s and are vastly used in IV therapy. IV therapy is known to be the easiest and quickest way to deliver fluids or medication to the body. The bioavailability absorption rate is 100% in IV. 

Before, infusion pumps the IV therapy was performed manually. A person or a nurse had to come and measure the dosage and deliver it by hand. Now, with infusion pumps, this process way easier. As the nurse just need to program the pump to administer the flow of fluids in the body and deliver them to the body at a specific time.

It ensures the safe delivery of medication and fluids to a patient as per requirement and nurses would use the spare time somewhere else where it is really needed. Multiple significant advantages are offered by infusion pumps as compared to manual administration of fluids. 

These advantages include the capability to deliver fluids at carefully programmed rates and automated intervals. The use of infusion pumps to administer the fluids in the body also reduces the error chances considerably.

This is why infusion pumps are getting more and more popular and hospitals use these pumps as medical equipment rental to save time and provide vital medical treatment to patients when it really matters. 

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