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How Can Defibrillators Save Human Lives?

How Can Defibrillators Save Human Lives?

Cardiac problems have become a very common issue nowadays, and millions of people are affected by them all over the world. Unfortunately, this is not age-restricted. People suffering from cardiac problems belong to every age group, from young school-going children to aged adults. Unfortunately, cardiac arrests can happen at any time.

Sudden cardiac arrests can be fatal and if not handled properly, might cause death. According to stats one or two out of ten people will survive after sudden cardiac arrest. This is due to a lack of awareness among people. In case of a sudden cardiac arrest, the first thing which should be done is to call emergency services right away. Secondly, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) should be provided to the person having a cardiac arrest. The third one should be the use of a defibrillator.

The use of a defibrillator in three to five minutes of cardiac arrest can raise the percentage of survival rates from just 6 % to a satisfactory 74%. The authorities of public places, schools, and offices should get these life-saving devices from medical equipments sale websites or dealers.

The defibrillator or AED can be a difference in the results of a cardiac arrest. So what actually is this device? What function does it perform? Defibrillators are small, portable, and electronic devices that can analyze the functionality of the heart. These useful devices can detect the potentially abnormal rhythm which could be fatal. In case of an abnormal rhythm, this life-saving equipment delivers a shock to regularize normal heartbeat rhythm.

Abnormal heart rhythm is the actual cause of death in case of a heart attack. This abnormal rhythm occurs due to damaged heart muscle. Abnormal heart rhythm is also medically termed as ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation. A fibrillating heart beats inefficiently, which results in ineffective pumping of blood in vital organs. This results in death due to cardiac problems.

Death is most likely to occur after happening of fibrillation until or unless an impactful shock is delivered to the heart muscle. This is where the defibrillator makes a difference. This device has proven results of its effectiveness. As per the stats from various hospitals, CPR can raise the survival chance to about 15% while defibrillation boosts these chances to almost 40%.

There is a lot to do for the increase of awareness and immediate steps after cardiac arrests. CPR can be helpful, but it’s not effective to a greater extent. Still, the use of defibrillators can be a decisive factor following a cardiac arrest. There is a huge chance of survival if the use of a defibrillator is done timely. Otherwise, the results could be fatal.

Defibrillators can be helpful in saving your life following the aftermath of a sudden cardiac arrest. The immediate availability of AEDs or defibrillators should be ensured by authorities at public places, schools, and workplaces and at home by people themselves. This would certainly raise the chances of survival in case of cardiac arrests.

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