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How to Loosen up Your Painting Style

How to Loosen up Your Painting Style

A lot of people often face one trouble while painting, they struggle to loosen up their paintings and make the paintings in a more relaxed way. People tend to overthink while creating paintings and ultimately making it a complicated task. This leads them to a very tight and refined painting which is fine for most of the people because they are usually looking for it. But one of the main purposes of painting activity is to get relaxed and calm. In the process of overthinking while making the painting, this purpose vanishes. 

Making a loose painting doesn’t only keep you calm and relaxed but also provides a realistic perspective to the painting under consideration. For beginners, who still hesitate while making paintings, can use the paint by numbers method initially to gain confidence in painting. For those people who want to loosen up their painting, we have made a list of tips on how to loosen up their painting style. These tips are given below:

Make your state of mind:

Try to think about loosening up before painting, plenty of things depend on your state of mind. Keep calm and just think about the painting and calmness. Don’t worry about the result or final appearance of the painting. You just have to make a painting without worrying about the consequences. 

This will definitely help you in loosening up your paintings. Stay positive and create a painting without paying much attention to the subject or details. When you will be free of any kind of worries, and make paintings with positive min, natural instinct will definitely show up in your painting. You will start making loose paintings with a lot of emotions to express through painting.

Change your posture while painting:

A posture really matters in any artistic activity. The painting also demands the right posture. Standing up while painting is the most suitable posture. It provides you the freedom and keeps you at arm’s length from the painting surface. Standing at an arm’s length would make you move your arms and hands which ultimately allows you to loosen up your painting. 

If you hear music while painting, it could be an icing on the cake for the cause of making loose paintings. Standing up to paint and hearing music while painting would make you dance with whole involve in the movement which would allow you to create loosen up your paintings. 

Use of large brushes for painting:

Use of large brushes is an absolute necessity if you want to bring some looseness in your paintings. Try to use a 2inches or larger brush which would help you in creating large structures and ignore small details which can’t be ignored while using smaller brushes. 

Use larger brushes until you finish filling larger shapes and it’s time to work on smaller shapes and you have to fit the smaller shapes or structures in painting. Use comparatively smaller brushed for this purpose. Using large brushes at first to fill larger shapes and then using smaller brushes to place small details could really help you in loosening your paintings.

More paint is required:

Don’t try to use small proportions of paint while creating a painting. Use plenty of rich and juicy paint to fill the structures and don’t be afraid to use lots of paint. There is no way to put color on the canvas if it’s still present in the tin. 

Using lots of colors increases your emotions and lowers the pressure in your mind. Load your large paintbrush with plenty of paint and lets it flow on the surface of the canvas. You will be really happy after seeing the results, using loads of paint won’t only freshen up your mind but it will automatically work to loosen up your paintings as well.  

Change the way you hold the brush:

A lot of artists especially the newbies hold their brushes like pencils, this is not the right way to grip a brush. If you hold your brush like a pencil you will be automatically compelled to use it like a pencil. Hold your brush with your hand located at the very end of a brush. 

You don’t need a lot of control on your brush, you need less control on the brush to let the paint flow freely on your canvas. Holding the brush by the tip of the handle would keep you from concentrating or filling smaller details or shapes and automatically help in loosening up the paintings.

Ignore the smaller details:

One of the main reasons behind the absence of looseness in paintings is too much concentration on very small details or structures in the paintings. Try to forget the smaller parts of the painting to focus on the larger structures in the painting. 

Don’t get too carried away with smaller details like grass blades. Just a few splashes of paint would be enough to give the idea of grass, focus on great shapes and try to make them even better instead. 

Final words:

We have discussed some ideas to loosen up the painting and make them more artistic. We hope these ideas would be helpful for you in creating loose paintings with plenty of emotions and less focus on minor details.

Happy creativity!

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