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Interior Decor Trends Your Living Room Needs In 2021

Interior Decor Trends Your Living Room Needs In 2021

People always plan what they want to do in the upcoming year. Making new year resolutions is a very common practice among people. Buying a new house and decorating it and redecorating an existing one are very important decisions that people make after a thorough thought process. This is very expensive and once in a long time process so people put extra thought into it. This is not something that you can undo without a lot of expense of time and resources. 

When you decide to decorate your house your first approach is to your living room as it is one of the most important places in a room. People usually start with the living room and move to others step by step. The reason is that we spend more time in our living room and mostly visitors sit there too. So when designing the living room we go ponder a little harder. 

New year comes with new ideas for the interior design of your living room have a look at some of the best and most intriguing trends of 2019 that will make your house spark with style and elegance.


If there is one thing that everyone is talking about and hell-bent on adopting is saving nature and being eco-friendly as much as possible. That is the reason why we will see a lot of recycled and reuseable furniture and other objects among the new trends in 2021.

Make use of the sunlight as much as possible during the daytime so the settee must be where you can have access to ample sunlight. Rugs and other hand-made products will be in the style. If you are in a beautiful place like New York City you would want the view of nature and decorate your interior with elegant furniture and there are great stores that can help you in this regard or even visit online stores.

Add greenery to your living rooms for your health and enliven your interior. The best practice would be to go for natural indoor plants like Bonsai. If you are not comfortable with them you can always choose faux plants as they have come a long way and can easily fool anyone.


A clutter-free living room with open space has been popular for a couple of years and this trend will stay in business this year as well. Try to avoid cluttering your living space with exes of furniture. 

The best way to design your interior is by sectioning and compartmentalizing your living space and using exquisite is the right way to approach it. A sofa with a glass coffee table and a couple of cocooned chairs are enough for seating in a living room leaving space for your kids overlooking the eating place. 

Color Schemes:

You will see a lot of diversity in color scheme for paint in the living room from matte black to soothing ice cream colors. Matte black became popular in studios and slightly, made its way to living rooms now. People are liking the concept of gothic black color from furniture to the walls of the living room. This might have something to do with the obsession of the new generation with black color. 

But on the other hand, we will also see soothing ice cream colors like combinations of orange of yellow. A bit odd right? Well, it will be a hot-selling design this year. Wallpapers trends have been on a rollercoaster ride but this year they will see be in high demand. 

This is because of more and more advancements in the digital printing industry. You will see a range of patterns and designs from big bold patterns to elegant small stylish patterns. My advice is to go for bold designs even if your space is small but if you feel uncomfortable you will have a range of other patterns to choose from.


In 2021, there will be a collection of colorful furniture in settee to wall hangings. But if you are looking at the color of the year it is gold. The designer will be using a lot of gold accents from high-shine to brushed or with a raw finish. You must choose according to the color scheme of your living room. 

Velvet has been rising for the last couple of years in furniture and we will see a rise in its use this year as well. This textile brings a sense of class and grace to furniture. One more thing that is gaining popularity is round furniture like curved sofas and round coffee tables. But you should be bold enough to make trying something new as well like using a backless sofa instead of the traditional one and give it a combined look of a bench and a devan.

This is how the designer introduces a new design by experimenting. As living spaces grow smaller it is very important to improvise, you can use a nesting table instead of traditional long tables. You can use multiple nesting tables in the place of a single table and it keeps the space free as well for visitors to sit comfortably.  

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