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Learning About A CPM Machine

Learning About A CPM Machine

The CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) machine is an effective tool to restore the functionality of the knee joint and arm joint.  It is used after knee surgery.  It is often recommended by doctors for keeping the joint flexible to perform the proper working after surgery. It is also used along with physical therapy to improve the functionality of the knee or arm joint after injury or surgery.

The CPM machine fully supports your joint and allows you to relax. It is often used by medical facilities and hospitals as medical equipment rental. It usually has a cradle to hold your leg while it is working.  It is used to gently bend and straighten your joint. It is programmed to set the number of knee bends as per requirement.

We will discuss the application, usage ways of CPM machine in treatment, safe usage, and preventive measure while using the CPM machine to avoid any mishap. 

The use of a CPM machine is employed in the following scenarios to restore the flexibility of joint:

  • After total cuff repair or total knee replacement surgeries.
  • After excision of the scar tissue from a joint with manipulation for stiffness.
  • After a fracture in the arm or leg of the patient or for conditions like osteoarthritis.

CPM machines can help a patient recover from surgery or injury in multiple ways. These ways are listed below:

Increasing the ROM:

The CPM machine is effective in increasing the range of motion (ROM) of the patient’s leg or arm. It will flex the joint of the patient. The healthcare provider may program the CPM machine to increase the number of flexes of joints over a certain time period. The increased ROM may prevent the formation of a scar joint. This would also prevent pain and stiffness in the knee.

Muscle strength:

The CPM machine will exercise the patient’s arm and leg muscles in a gentle way to prevent the weakness of muscles. The use of a CPM machine would also help in making the tendons and ligaments, the tissue which is responsible for connecting bones and muscles stronger.

Reducing the pain:

The CPM machine would help in elevating the arm or leg of the patient and eventually decrease the swelling. The reduced swelling would decrease the pain in the joint. 

Increase blood flow:

As a result of using the CPM machine, there would be increased blood flow in the leg or arm of the patient. This increased blood flow to the tissues of the patient would help in healing faster.

Safe usage of CPM machine:

The health provider would guide the patient on how to use the CPM machine. He would also provide necessary info about how to set up and change flexion, speed, and time options on the machine. The use of the machine may last up to 2 hours for one time. The machine may be used for 3 to 4 times a day. 20 to 30 minutes usage is enough if the CPM machine is being used for the shoulder joint. There are some safety precautions that should be adopted while using the CPM machine. 

Here are some ways to use the CPM machine safely:

  • Placing the machine against the headboard or something heavy would prevent the machine from moving during usage.
  • After plugging in the CPM machine, move its cord under the bed or secure it to the ground to prevent falls.
  • The shoulder or knee immobilizer should be removed before using a CPM machine. The health provider should take care of it.
  • While using the CPM machine for the leg, the leg should be placed in such a way that the knee rest where the machine bends, and the bottom of the foot should be against the footpad.
  • While using the CPM machine for the shoulder, the elbow should be placed where the CPM machine bends. Placing the hand around the grip.
  • The leg should be attached to the machine by wrapping the machine straps around the thigh, shin, and foot.
  • The arm should be attached to the machine by wrapping the machine straps around the lower arm.
  • Pain medicine should be taken by the patient before using the CPM machine. Controlling the pain would make it comfortable to use the CPM machine. A 20 to 30 minutes wait before using a machine would be better after taking medicine.
  • The CPM machine shouldn’t be left on the floor. Keep the floor clear to avoid falls.
  • Don’t smoke while using the CPM machine.  The use of machines near open flames or heat might cause a fire.
  • Keeping the CPM machine dry would ensure safety. Keep it clear from water. Don’t use cleaners directly on the machine.
  • If your arm or leg feels warm, tender, and painful and looks swollen or red, you should immediately stop using the CPM machine. Don’t use the machine if you have a fever or chills. 
  • If your wound is red, swollen, or draining pus you should stop using the CPM machine.

We have discussed the CPM machine above. We have also discussed its application and safe ways of usage. We are hopeful that it would be helpful for people with joint problems and health providers. It can also be acquired on a rental basis as per requirement.

Live fit and healthy!

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