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Runner Rugs: 5 Areas You Can Place Runners

Runner Rugs: 5 Areas You Can Place Runners

Runner rugs are an effective option to serve various decorative as well as practical purposes. The unique narrow and long design of runner rugs add a beautiful sense to the décor of indoors. They are effective means of transforming a rather boring place into an exciting part of your home.

These runner rugs would also prevent slipping of feet, protect hardwood floors, or simply soften the hard floor. Sometimes, the rugs placed in living rooms rather look a misfit because of their large sizes. Runner rugs can also be used as living room rugs.

Being affordable, soft, and nice-looking, these runner rugs are a very good option for the décor of your home. Their unique shape also makes it easy to use.

Here is a list of some places where you can place runner rugs:

Right Next To The Front Door:

A visually impactful runner rug placed right next to the entrance door would be the most noticeable thing for any visitor. It can add an amazing “wow” element to your home décor. This would also help you in welcoming guests with warmth.

A combination of two rugs would be really practical, the one outside the door would ensure cleanliness and the inner one would pose your exciting style sense.

In The Bedroom:

It feels great to have a soft and warm surface anchored under your feet while getting out of bed. A common rug would have its large part hidden under the bed while this is not the case with runner rugs because they are made to fit small spaces.

This would also create an amazing effect in the bedroom. Having a runner rug placed on both or either side of the bed would provide a cozy feeling to your feet.

The Hallways:

Hallways are generally the most ignored parts of indoors when it comes to home improvement décor. They are long and usually hard to dress up. Many people feel like the available space in hallways is too short to do anything.

This makes them a fitting place for a runner rug. The rectangular shape of runner rugs with very short width makes them an ideal object to be placed in the hallways. You can try any formal or informal design which totally depends upon your choice.

Using runner rug in hallways would separate the private parts of your home like bedrooms and the kitchen.

The Staircase:

Runner rugs are a great fit for the staircase. Staircases are generally made of hardwood and the placement of a runner rug would make it feel soft. Stairs can sometimes be slippery too, rugs can prevent people from falling on slippery stairs.

The runner rugs are perfect to be placed on stairs because they have short widths and longer lengths. They would also prevent noisy steps and prevent the staircase from wear and tear.

Places With A High Rate of Comings and Goings:  

Runner rugs can be placed in the areas of the home which face high traffic. These rugs provide a comfortable surface to walk on. This would also preserve the floor from any wear and tear due to high traffic.

A darker color runner rug would serve the purpose in a high traffic area because a lighter colored rug would become dirty. A durable runner rug with the capability to bear a high rate of coming and going would duly serve the purpose.

The Bottom Line:

The runner rugs can be an amazing means to serve multiple practical and decorative purposes in the living space. There are lots of spaces where runner rugs would be a perfect fit because of their unique shape.

We have discussed a few applications of runner rugs in interior design. We are hopeful that these would be helpful for you in setting up a comfortable yet stylish living space.

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