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Shopify Tips And tricks For Beginners

Shopify Tips And tricks For Beginners

Many people are creating new and unique products but don’t know how to sell them. People with good brick and mortar businesses are also looking to increase their revenue with ecommerce. With a lot of ecommerce platforms offering services, it gets difficult for a beginner with no ecommerce background to pick the right platform.

Shopify is one of the best shopping cart platforms in the world. They started by selling their own snowboards via the internet but were not satisfied with the available services.

So, they decided to launch their own platform for others like them who had no knowledge of programming and ecommerce but wanted to start a business. Now they have 800,000 active online stores with over $100 Billion worth of sales.

If you want to start your store on Shopify it is very easy and flexible. Some people have stores on other platforms but want to migrate to Shopify. There are many ecommerce website development agencies that are offering shopping cart migration services

Here are some tips for you if you want to start your online store at Shopify:

4P strategy: 

4P means product, price, place, and promotion. This strategy is used to lay out a plan before starting any business. It means you must decide carefully on what you want to sell. Deciding which product to sell is very important if you are not a manufacturing one.

The next step is the pricing strategy depending on the competition. Competitive pricing depends a lot on your conversion rate. Then you must decide where you want to sell your product demographically and geographically. The last step is to decide on a game plan for marketing and promotion.

Shopify knowledge:

It’s very important to know who you are dealing with. Learn about the ecommerce solutions service, plug-ins, and hosting that Shopify is providing. Check out what gives them the advantage over other platforms.

Learn about the packages available and choose carefully which one suits you the best. Check out the plug-ins and integrated services that can be easily added to your shop without any assistance.

Good Content:

Optimize your landing pages. Use fresh, exciting, and engaging content on your website. Keep it updated. Use high-quality images with vibrant colors and try to add as many videos about your product as possible. People prefer looking at pictures and watching videos than text.

Add user reviews and testimonials. They will pave the way for creating trust in your customers leading to their ultimate loyalty.

Multiple Options:

People like choices in life. Try to add as many choices for them as possible. Use multiple payment methods. Shopify offers a bundle of payment methods including PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

As you are doing business globally, you must add different languages to improve the user experience. Increase your revenue by introducing omnichannel coolness in your ecommerce business. Sell your product at different channels including Amazon, Facebook, etc.


We are living in the age of technology and inventions. Introduce new and exciting inventions to your store. Use AI chatbots and introduce Augmented Reality. Facts show that the use of AI, AR, VR, and other forms of technology increases your traffic and conversion rate promptly.

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