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The Best CPAP Accessories To Make Your CPAP More Comfortable

The Best CPAP Accessories To Make Your CPAP More Comfortable

CPAP is an effective method to cure Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a sleep disorder during which a patient can lose breath temporarily during the night. CPAP is done through machines like CPAP and BiPAP.

Patients can prevent sleep apnea and have a sound sleep while using these CPAP machines. You might take time getting used to your CPAP machine, as it is not the easiest of tasks. You might face some discomfort while using it. 

The benefits of sleeping while using a CPAP machine would definitely outweigh the risks of sleeping without it. There can be multiple ways to sleep comfortably while using new or refurbished BiPAPs and CPAPs.

You may have to use some accessories with these machines which would ultimately aid you in preventing your discomfort and having a sound sleep.

There is a number of CPAP accessories that are specially crafted to make you comfortable and sleep without discomfort. All you need is a few steps to make your sleep apnea treatment more comfortable. 

In this article, we will be discussing the problems and their possible remedies through CPAP accessories. The problems and their solution are discussed below:

Mask irritation:

Does the CPAP mask feel too tight? The head strap crosses your head in an uncomfortable position. Do you face problems of a dry nose or red irritation? There is nothing to worry about. There are solutions to these problems.

CPAP mask liner is recommended to prevent skin irritation and red marks during the night. It is a soft and comfortable piece of fabric that is used to create a barrier between the skin and the CPAP mask.

It will also absorb extra oils and prevent leaks. A variety of mask liners is available, you may choose one on the basis of the CPAP mask you use. The replacement of mask liner is required after a month, that’s why it comes in a pack of 3 or 4. 

CPAP mask gel helps in preventing leaks. It is used to create a very thin barrier between the body and the mask. Aloe Vera can be an ingredient in some of the mask gels available. The presence of this useful ingredient helps in hydrating the skin and reshape the dry and cracked skin.

Multiple mask styles are there to choose from. Don’t hesitate to change the first one if it is uncomfortable and go for a comfortable mask, after all, you’re sleeping while using it. Using CPAP doesn’t mean a compromise on your comfort. 

A full-face mask could be an option for those people who usually breathe through their mouths. It makes an enclosed seal around the nose and mouth. It can be really helpful for people with allergies and congestion. It is also helpful for the people who like to sleep with their face towards the ceiling.

CPAP pillow nasal mask is another useful CPAP accessory. It can fit directly into the nostrils for direct airflow. It is a perfect solution for the people who often toss and turn and breathe through the nose during sleep. It is known to take the least amount of nasal pressure.

The nasal CPAP mask is used to create a seal around your nose and upper lip area. This is helpful to direct airflow into the nostrils. These masks take less space than full face masks. Nasal masks also help patients feel easy with higher pressure configurations of the CPAP machine.

Another important thing to consider while choosing a CPAP mask for use is the suitable size. You should try to make sure you get the most suitable size.


Change of the season might make some problems for you. It might cause allergies, cold, or some other issues which might hinder your comfort during the nights. You should just ensure the use of CPAP medical equipments and let the CPAP accessories make you comfortable with congestion.

A humidifier would add moisture to the air the patient receives through CPAP. This would eventually aid in reducing or breaking up congestion and relieve irritation.

The heated hose can be used in place of a humidifier. It will be used to warm the air passing through the CPAP machine. It would help to create moisture and prevent irritation due to dry air.

A hose cover is a knitted fabric tube that can fit over the hose to keep the air passing through it warmer. 

Trouble in exhaling:

The main purpose of CPAP is to make breathing easier. If you find it difficult to exhale against incoming pressure of air, we can suggest the use of some CPAP accessories to make your exhaling easier.

Larger CPAP masks can help you, a full face mask, for example, might help and disperse the incoming air in a better way. This would ultimately make it easier to exhale the air against incoming pressure. 

Uneasy sleeping posture:

It can be difficult for people to be at comfort while using the CPAP machine as they toss and turn during sleep. This activity might cause the removal of the CPAP mask. Some accessories might help:

The longer hose can help people who feel like they don’t have the freedom to move around or get stuck due to a smaller hose. It would allow you to move around easily while sleeping and with CPAP.

Hose holder, a small stand to hang up the CPAP hose. This would prevent the tangling of the CPAP hose with the body.

Cleaning the CPAP:

Sometimes you would feel your CPAP mask and other things need to be cleaned. We have listed some accessories which might help you in keeping it clean.

CPAP wipes can be employed to swiftly clean and wipe down the CPAP mask. After serving the purpose, these wipes can be disposed of easily. 

CPAP spray is sort of a disinfectant spray. It can be used to clean the musk out of the CPAP mask. It comes with a variety of fresh fragrances too, like orange or lemon.

Final Words:

We have discussed some problems which people face while using CPAP machines. We have also discussed some remedies through multiple CPAP accessories. We hope these recommendations would help you to be comfortable while sleeping and having a sound sleep.

Sleep at ease!


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