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Tips and Suggestion for Buying Antique Tables

Tips and Suggestion for Buying Antique Tables

A table serves multiple purposes in a home. A dining table or a coffee table would provide you a place for family discussions and even work. Sitting around a table can be even more cherishing and joyful if it is an antique or 0. This type of table can quickly uplift the look of your dining and living room. These unique, handmade antique pieces would reflect your style sense efficiently.

We have made a list of tips and suggestions regarding the purchase of antique tables for your home improvement. These tips are discussed in details below:

Prior Research:

Substantial research about the trends and styles of the past is necessary before making any purchase. You can get an idea about the manufacturing methods of any antique table from a specific era through the internet.

Prior research before buying an antique table would help you to avoid false purchases. It would also enable you to ensure the authenticity of the table.

This would also provide you a price comparison between the product you are going to buy and other similar antique tables available.


Another factor to consider before making a purchase of antique tables is the price. Don’t get distracted by the unbelievably low price. You might end up bringing a fake antique table in your home.

Always make comparisons before buying. Keep in mind that you are going to buy an antique table and nobody would sell it cheaply. The antique furniture pieces are an asset for people and they won’t sell them for mere pennies.

Always buy antique tables with a justified price tag. This would help you to bring the right product to your home.

Ask for Proof:

Beware of scams. Some people might try to deceive you by placing the tag of an antique on their fake items. A simple way to verify any antique table is to ask for proof.

Proof can be anything like a stamp, signature, or a label which could verify the authenticity of antique tables. The proof should verify the era of manufacture of the table.

Quality Check:

Give a thorough check to the table you are planning to buy. Check the hardware condition. Ensure that each joint of the table is still intact and it is well-built structurally. Signs of aging would devalue the table. So carefully check and look for cracks and dry spots.

Also, give a check to the underside of the table. This would help you to take a deep look at the materials used in the manufacture of the item. If you find rusted nails in rust-free holes, you are surely observing a fake table.

A thorough check of hardware and build quality would help you in buying an appropriate antique table. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money on maintenance of the table then its buying price.

Size Matters:

Just eyeballing your space is not enough. The tape measure would surely help you in getting an accurate idea of the space and size of the product you wish to buy. 

Sometimes you just can’t ignore or deny a beautiful antique table. But, what if it doesn’t fit in the available space of your home? You might end up wasting money for nothing. It is always better to keep an idea of available space in your home.


Antique tables can be a good way to demonstrate a classy look of your home and reflect your style sense. Just beware of price, quality, authenticity and available space in your home before making a purchase of antique tables.

We hope you would surely find a beautiful and authentic unique table after having a look at our tips and suggestions.

Best of luck!

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