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Tips To Optimize Ecommerce Conversion

Tips To Optimize Ecommerce Conversion

Getting a customer to visit your website is a very tedious and lethargic process. Unfortunately, most of the people visiting your website don’t buy anything which can be very discouraging.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of improving the shopping experience to drive a specific KPI — usually, sales. Average ecommerce conversion rates are 1% – 2%.

Before we discuss the major ecommerce solutions regarding conversion rate let’s have an overview of the conversion rate. Conversion or CRO means the percentage of visitors that land on your website who complete the desired action.

Conversion action can relate to many different desired actions by the customer, but in an ecommerce, the most important conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who purchased something from your online store.  

To calculate the conversion rate all you have to do is divide the number of conversions you get during a certain time frame by the total number of people who visited your site or landing page and multiply it by 100.

                     (Conversions / Total Visitors) X 100% = Conversion Rate %

There are tools available for this process for more precise statistics as well including Google Analytics, HotJar, Quantcast Measure, etc.

If you want to optimize your ecommerce website here are some tips for you:

Proper SEO:

The first step to optimize your website and increase your conversion is to generate a lot of traffic. The number of people visiting your website influences your chances of conversion greatly.

The best and the most useful method of achieving this is with proper and steady SEO. Almost all good platforms, like BigCommerce, offer integrated SEO tools.

If you still need help they offer the services of BigCommerce SEO experts of their partner ecommerce agencies. Proper SEO with good blogs and guest posts comprising creative, engaging, and relevant content will create a substantial buzz for your business. 

Eye-catching Design:

Leonardo de Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”. Keeping your website simple and attractive is very important. Just 4% of website visitors convert on the first visit.

Your website must convey a proper CTA (call to action). A clear CTA is an essential part of optimization. Avoid distracting the customer with irrelevant stuff.

Add new landing pages for your fresh campaigns. Research by Hubspot showed that websites with 30 to 40 pages generate 7 times more leads.

It gets even better; websites with over 40 pages generate 12x more leads than the ones with 1-5 pages. Use videos and high-quality images to keep the customer involved. Studies show that having videos on landing pages can increase conversions by about 86%. 

Offer Free Shipping And Discount Coupons:

Companies like Amazon have changed customer expectations drastically. Online shoppers expect a certain standard that they have grown accustomed to Amazon because they offer free shipping.

If you don’t offer free shipping, the customer will look elsewhere immediately. If you can’t afford to offer free shipping increase your product price if that is what it needs to be done.

Provide limited time discount coupons. Offer a discount when a customer subscribes to your website or when he refers you to someone else. Offering a discount on cart abandonment influences conversion greatly. 

Live Chat:

Customer service should be the top priority of a business in order to succeed. Use live chat software. People like personalization. If you are always there for the customer it will help you guide the customer to buy a product.

As you can’t be available for the customer 24/7 it is best to use AI chatbots and other software available. 

The best approach is having a person available for the customer, it creates loyalty. Neil Patel says that ”Live chat can generate 4-8x more leads”.

Furthermore, AMA quoted in one of the blogs that live chats can increase conversions by 20%. So if you want to optimize your ecommerce business, investing in live chat is the right choice.

Ensure Safety:

Ensure the safety of the customer by adding security labels at your checkout pages and site-wide if possible. People are afraid to give their personal and credit card information online.

With data leaking from Facebook, phone book hacks, and credit card fraud people don’t feel safe. 

A study at Beymard Institute revealed that 18% of Americans abandon checkout because they don’t trust the website with their credit card information. It is highly recommended that you use and display multiple security badges.

Cart Abandonment:

Cart abandonment is the biggest problem for online businesses. It is considered the most encouraging factor for online business owners.

BigCommerce is offering cart abandonment email which helps in increasing the conversion rate by 15%. You can also use discount coupons in these emails. 

Add Testimonials And Reviews:

According to Reevo, customer reviews increase sales by 18%. Millennials prefer to buy from websites that show product reviews and testimonials.63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site with user reviews.

It gives the user a sense of trust and confidence. Moreover, you can add reviews of influencers (if possible).

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