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Types Of Pillows To Choose From: For Better Sleep And Extreme Comfort

Types Of Pillows To Choose From: For Better Sleep And Extreme Comfort

Comfortable sleep is all we need. The human body requires at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for a healthy life. The pillows can play an important part in providing us a sound sleep. We often don’t pay much attention to these daily use objects.

The pillows provide support to the neck and shoulders while sleeping. People who don’t use pillows or use badly structured pillows usually face neck, shoulders, and back pain problems.

You should choose pillows for your sleep times according to your sleeping habits. Many people sleep while lying on their stomach. Many others would prefer any other posture like sleeping on the back or side sleeping.

Home décor pillows could be helpful for you to select the appropriate type of pillows for your peaceful night sleep times. The selection of pillows should be based on your general sleeping posture. This would help you countering problems of the neck, shoulders, and back.

We have picked some of the best types of pillows for your home improvement. These pillows can help you in having a peaceful sleep without any pain problem.  These pillow types are listed below:

Memory Foam Pillows:

Generally, a memory foam pillow is made up of polyurethane as the main component with certain additional chemicals. The best thing about this type of pillow is it shapes or molds itself according to the shape of the body specifically the neck and shoulders.

This is because this synthetic pillow reacts to body heat and confronts itself accordingly. It also restores its original shape after heat removal.

Moreover, this type of synthetic foam is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, which means it won’t cause any reactions to the human body. These pillows are made to ensure spinal alignment and the elimination of pressure points.

Better yet, these wonderful pillows are durable and easy to look after. Shredded memory foam pillows are an advanced form of this pillow type.

Down Pillows:

This type of pillow is made to offer unmatchable comfort to its users. This is because of the material used in its construction. Soft and light feathers from the lower body layer or the undercoat of birds are used to make down pillows.

You can punch these pillows to the required comfortable shape. One other advantage of using them is they are breathable, which makes down pillows suitable for stomach sleepers. These pillows are made with the use of natural material so, there would be no chemical smell.

Fiber Pillows:

These pillows are made up of synthetic fibers generally Polyester. This type of pillow is an ideal fit for people who want to enjoy sleep without compromising their comfort. They offer great support to the neck in the right posture.

These pillows are easy to use, highly durable, and less expensive comparatively. They are also fire resistant and allergy-free.

Latex Pillows:

Actually made of natural latex rubber, these pillows can provide comfort to people with all sleep postures and types. This type is gaining a lot of popularity because of many reasons.

These pillows can maintain a steady temperature and remain unaffected from unfavorable external temperatures. These pillows are biodegradable, non-toxic, and free of chemicals.

They can provide comfort and support without any negative effects. Latex pillows are dust repellent so if you are allergic to dust these pillows are highly recommended for you. These pillows are made to remain firm and sturdy for a long so durability is not an issue for latex pillows.

Contour Pillows:

These pillows are pretty different from other types. The main difference is its shape. Their shape is like the hill and valley visually. This shape ensures support to the neck and shoulders. It also eliminates any pressure which would otherwise result in the compromise of comfortable sleep.

They also reduce strain due to the tilted head. These pillows ensure comfortable sleep because of their ergonomic design. Comfort level is enhanced with the use of contour pillows because they complement natural positions during rest.

Travel Pillows:

These pillows are highly efficient to provide comfort in any situation. This type would surely be a good match for you if you are fond of sleeping anywhere.

These pillows are made to be very mobile, ready to use, and easy to handle. These pillows can help you get a comfortable sleep especially during travel times with unnatural rest situations and postures.

These comparatively smaller pillows wrap around your neck to support it. This maintains the stability and proper posture of the body. Travel pillows are made to prevent any unnecessary strain and hold the upright position of your body even during sleep in travel or any other uncertain situation.


Pillows are an essential part of peaceful and comfortable sleep times. One should be vigilant while choosing pillows for use as the wrong selection may cause any problem to your body. You should choose pillows on the basis of sleeping posture. 

We have listed some pillow types which are known for providing comfort while sleeping. We are hopeful that you would choose appropriate pillows for your use after going through this list. Happy sleeping times!

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