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What Are The Most Important Ecommerce Features Included In A Website?

What Are The Most Important Ecommerce Features Included In A Website?

Everybody knows about ecommerce or at least have heard about it. The ecommerce shopping trend is bigger than ever before. People want to have their desired products without spending much of their time and effort.

Many brick-and-mortar enterprise-level businesses are also setting up their websites to enter into an ecommerce world. The visitors make their mind about doing business with any entity after visiting their ecommerce website.

The website acts as a first impression of your business for most people. They make their mind to have business with you after taking a slight view of your website. If your ecommerce website is efficient and impressive, they would surely agree to pay for your services or products.

In today’s blog post, we will talk about some must-have features for your website and take down some more ecommerce solutions for you. If these elements are included in your ecommerce website, you would surely experience a very good business activity and a rise in revenue.

These must-have features are listed below:

Ease of Use:

Your websites should be easy to use. Easy and simple navigation on your website would impress your visitors. This ease of use will make their experience on your website much better. Your website should essentially have an advanced search feature too. This enhanced UX would urge people to make a purchase of their desired products on your websites.

Retina-Ready Graphics:

Another must-have feature in your ecommerce website should be sharp, clear, and high definition product images. The sharpness and clarity of images would incite online visitors to purchase products from your website. A lot of people would like to buy items from an ecommerce website that displays retina-ready images and graphics.


Users can come to your website through different devices and channels. The majority of people use their mobiles for browsing the web. Your ecommerce website should carry a responsive design to fit on any screen or display size.

If you don’t care about having a mobile-friendly website, it means you are denying the needs of modern-day online customers. In the longer run, you will lose big part of revenue. A responsive ecommerce site would bring a lot of customers to your business.

Related Items Feature:

This feature can be a very useful way to generate additional revenue. When the user is viewing a certain product on your website, the display of other similar products may urge him to make another purchase. In business this is also called upselling or cross-selling, which means more profit. Showing related items with every product would result in a great business.


The inclusion of a wishlist feature makes a lot of difference in your business. The addition of a certain product in the wishlist means the user wants to bookmark this item. You are giving an opportunity to your online customers to pick their loved products for later purchases.

Once the item is added to the wishlist, the user would come back soon and will purchase the product because this product touched the user’s heart and will surely want to attain this product in the near future. This wishlist feature paves the way for further business.

Quick and Easy Checkout:

This is also a very critical part of ecommerce. If a user feels difficulty in reaching check-out on your website, there is a high probability that you have lost a potential customer. For conducting smooth business, the check-out on your ecommerce website must be quick and simple.

The revenue you earn online is directly proportional to how easier it is for your customer to make a purchase. The check-out is an important part of purchase accomplishment so easy check-out is a must-have feature on your ecommerce website.

Multi-Access Contact Button:

There is nothing more important in business than having a stronger trust bond between retailers and clients. Your website must ensure to have a “contact us” button and multiple access points, like email, phone, etc, so that your customers contact you in case of any question. This would strengthen a trusted relationship between you and your customers and improve the bottom line.

Advanced Payment Option:

You must ensure that your website includes an advanced payment feature. This would make a purchase from your website a lot easier. Just try to make sure that your website supports different popular payment gateways like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Visa. This would be really helpful for a smooth and problem-free business.

User-generated Reviews:

Your website must-have functionality, which should enable customers to leave their reviews about your services and products. Many people try to get an idea about the services and the quality of products from the retailer before making any purchase. This feature can be a handful in strengthening your ecommerce business.

Final Thoughts:

We have listed some must-have features to be included in an ecommerce website. These features would help you in conducting smooth business and enhance the UX and quality of your website. We wish you success in your ecommerce business! 

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