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Why Speed and Scalability Are Essential to E-Commerce Success

Why Speed and Scalability Are Essential to E-Commerce Success

Ecommerce is the hot spot of the business world. More and more people are entering the e-commerce universe. The competition is increasing with every passing day. It is very important to make your website robust and efficient if you want to stay in the game. 

Speed and scalability are two very important facets of any e-commerce website. People are living in very fast lives. These impatient customers are not ready to give your website more than a few seconds to load. Slow speed will not only hurt your website reputation and integrity but every other metric of business. The e-commerce website developers are really focused to optimize the loading speed of websites because when a website takes more time to load it will increase bounce rate, decrease conversions, page views, leads. 

Increasing the bounce rate directly affects a websites’ ranking. Google is a de-ranking website with a high bounce rate. So, the speed of your website will impact the traffic coming to your website. Low traffic will result in a decreasing number of views and ultimately reducing the conversion rate. 

There are many types of researches that showed that customers expect blistering speed. They expect your website to load within 5 seconds and if it takes even one extra second your conversion rate might decrease 7 times. Moreover, the customer tends to avoid coming back to a slow loading website. Modern studies show that customers are becoming less tolerant of a website with low performance.

There was the 7-second rule in the early 2000s that is now reduced to 3 seconds. Customers used to blame their networks and systems for slow speed but no they have access to high-speed wifi, larger bandwidth, and super-fast system with up to 16GB of RAM. Now they know that they can not benefit from their high-speed network if the website is not optimized. 

This speed of the website can be improved by

  • Choosing a good host
  • Optimizing images 
  • Using lazyload for image
  • Optimize the loading speed of your homepage
  • Use cloud storage
  • Block backlinking and leeches of data

Once the traffic to your website starts increasing you can now work on scaling your website for a wider audience and higher revenue.

Successful companies consider scalability a very important part of their e-commerce website. Ecommerce businesses are growing in a matter of days. Every e-commerce vendor must plan about the scalability of their website before it happens.

If you are expecting to grow your business you should be ready to meet its scaling needs. The best strategy is to consider scalability ahead of time at how your e-commerce platform will be in upcoming years. The best approach is to have a good domain host that is offering easy and economical scalability. 

By using certified hosting teams you can leverage their years of experience and expertise when it comes to scalability, speed, and other performance aspects of the website. The idea is to continue providing the same high-quality experience and services to the customers that made your online business successful in the first place.

To successfully continue a year-over-year e-commerce business you must be ready to provide solutions for fulfillment, accounting and warehouse management or CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems that can be scaled upward.


Ecommerce is a customer-centric business. In order to succeed all your efforts must be concerned with customers. Customers will not give your website much time to cast an impression. If you are unable to satisfy your customer, they are not likely to return to your website ever. Your website must be fast enough to stay parallel to the fast generation of customers. 

If you are following the right gnomes your e-commerce business will grow with time. To succeed you must consider scalability before it actually happens.

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